The basics based on the 1980, closely following the technological developments an innovative service and quality production by adopting the concept of Sena Cable Co. Inc., continues to manufacture in Denizli.
With more than 38 years experience Sena Cable expands product range and exports to mainly Middle East and African countries and also many European countries.
As one of the most respected cable manufacturers we offer our customers top quality cables, technical expertise, reasonable prices and short delivery time. We achieved applying the principals, rules and requlations of HAR, CE Directives , ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate, 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate, CPR Building Materials Requlation and RoHS directives in all activities of our company, acofriendly and highly skilled techicions with a modern and integrated production facility..
The lab which Works as the quality control center of the Sena Cable is equipped with the most modern test equipment.

The Mission of Our Company

The products we after our customers and superior services with R&D Works to produce new products and benefit the country’s economy.

As The Vision of Our Company

To become a world brand about cable industry with global competitiveness that grows in stability by protecting its values.